Saturday, June 13, 2009

Learn To Be A Contrarian Trader

My book, The Art of Contrarian Trading, was just published by John Wiley and Sons. You can purchase it from your favorite book store by following this link. It is the definitive book on how to apply the theory of contrary opinion to stock market and other financial markets. It is packed with information about crowd behavior in financial markets, ideas about how to turn the crowd's mistakes into profits, traders' war stories, and lots of ideas that will help you move your investment game to a higher level.


  1. Carl
    I will purchase your book and I suspect more to hand out as gifts; not only because of your trading savvy, moreso, because of your integrity.

    I sincerely wish you greater success,


  2. Hopefully you will extend the book to allow for a down loadable edition to the Amazon's Kindle reading device and I-Phone access. Look forward to reading it!!

  3. Does the book cover swing trading techniques, or just day trading?

  4. Carl,

    Just read your great book.

    A couple of follow-up questions:
    1) Do you use the COT report in any way, as part of your contrarian thinking?

    2) Are there shorter-term information cascades you can use for swing trading? For examaple, samplings of blog comments..etc

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge