Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Building the Wall of Worry

Here are the latest covers of Newsweek and The Economist. How do they make you feel?

Do these covers make you want to increase your exposure to the stock market?

Probably not. That's why I see them as the latest bricks laid atop the wall of worry. The more bricks the media lay on the wall, the higher stock prices can climb.


  1. aren't you missing all the cover magazines about the back to growth, boom again in the real estate, and so forth?

  2. the economist is historically a leading indicator, not a lagging. this cover non-sense is just that.. NON-SENSE. what did the 'covers' look like in Japan in the mid 90s?

  3. bryo,
    you definitely do not have to go that far back, "Japan in the mid 90s."
    All you have to do is study Carl's magazine cover analysis up to the nominal stock market highs in October 2007 over at his original blog.