Wednesday, March 9, 2011

America in Decline ... (NOT!!)

Here is the cover of the latest issue of Time Magazine. It does not directly comment on any market. But despite the ham-handed attempt at editorial balance, the cover makes it pretty clear what the Times editors and, by inference, their readers believe.

This is not the kind of cover story one sees anywhere near a bull market top. It just reinforces my belief that stock prices in the USA have much further to rise before a drop of as much as 25% can materialize.


  1. Decline is relative, America may not go in the toilet, but the 4-5% GDP growth days are probably behind us, especially if our fiscal house does not get better. Emerging markets with a growing middle class and a smaller debt burden will be a better place for investors in the decades ahead.

  2. Pretty funny. Time say america in decline and wiscy reverses one of the major causes of the problem. Freedom on the rise and america to follow.