Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Goracle

Here is an image of the cover of Newsweek's latest issue. It depicts the Goracle, Al Gore, who aims to be the first "green" billionaire.

From this and from related considerations I draw these conclusions:

  • The planet is currently cooling, not warming
  • Kyoto is dead and there will be no agreement on a similar climate treaty which even pretends to bind developed nations to carbon limits
  • Cap and Trade? - dead
  • Buy carbon !


  1. i like the buy carbon thing ! :))

  2. Carl,
    Sorry, but you need to explain a bit further. Are you asking us to buy and burn carbon-based products? Global warming is not the only negative consequence of carbon burning, as you may know. Burning carbon based products HAS caused a hole in the ozone layer, HAS caused an increase in skin cancer rates, and DOES affect respiratory health and cause other illnesses. And it has melted off a substantial part of the polar cap. Magazine covers won't cause the polar cap to freeze back up.